ID Name Runtime Info
AWK AWK awk 4.1.3
C C gcc 5.4.0

Compile options: gcc -std=c99 -Wall -O2 -lm -march=native -s

C++03 C++03 g++ 5.4.0

Compile options: g++ -Wall -O2 -lm -march=native -s

C++11 C++11 g++11 5.4.0

Compile options: g++ -std=c++11 -Wall -O2 -lm -march=native -s

C++17 C++17 g++17 5.4.0
GAS64 Assembly (x64) as_x64 2.26.1, ld_x64 2.26.1
JAVA8 Java 8 javac 1.8.0

You can use any class name. It should be public and should not be inside any package.

Lua Lua lua 5.3.1
PAS Pascal fpc 3.0.0
PERL Perl perl 5.22.1
PY2 Python 2 python 2.7.12
PY3 Python 3 python3 3.5.2
SCALA Scala scalac 2.11.6, java 1.8.0